Nothing beats a beef or chicken stir-fry for taste and goodness. Beef or chicken and a few simple veggies combine to make a very flavoursome, easy, healthy family meal.

Top Tips for Stir Frying

– Cut meat across the grain into strips of even thickness. Coat the meat in oil instead of adding oil to the wok or pan. You use less oil and there is less chance of the meat sticking to the wok.
– Ensure the wok is hot before you begin to cook meat or vegetables. It should be hot enough to evaporate a bead of water on contact.
– Cook meat in small batches (about 250g).
– Once cooked, set meat aside and return to the wok once the vegetables are cooked and sauces thickened. Stir-fry only to combine – do not reheat meat for too long or it will toughen.

DID YOU KNOW – Marinades don’t tenderise, but they do add a great flavour. To stop the meat stewing in the marinade as it cooks, drain the meat well before you stir-fry it. Save the marinade mixture and add it with the sauces at the end of the cooking time. Make sure the sauce boils for at least a minute before returning the meat to the wok.
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