Want to know a bit more about Lorn Butchery? If you can’t find what you’re looking for in the list below, we’ll be happy to answer your questions ourselves – just contact us by phone or email.

Can I make changes to the meat packs ?

We allow you to make one change to the same value  in our meat packs.

Our meat packs consist of only the best  Australian  products

stir- fries are all hand cut and made in store

rissoles are made from premium lean beef

like all of our meats they are 100% Australian- Beef ,Pork,Lamb & poultry




Why don’t I pay for my order in full when I’m on the website?

Sometimes weights vary slightly

Therefore, the total balance owing as indicated in the check-out process is approximate only
and may vary. (Note – Minimum online purchase is $100.)

The whole balance is payable on delivery or pick up via cash or EFTPOS  facilities
(Debit Card, Visa,  Mastercard  ). This is also were you can add to your order, items not listed on our website.

See Terms page for details.

What if I’m not home when you deliver?

Orders will NOT be left under any circumstances.
Your order will be taken back to Lorn Butchery for your collection and final payment.
Orders will not be re-delivered at a different time or day.

Can I order online & get my delivery to my work address?

Yes! As long as you place your order 24 hours before you require delivery to your work address.
Why not get your workmates to order as well & we’ll deliver all orders at once?
All orders are delivered between 12pm – 6pm.

Can I order online but pick up from the shop in Lorn?

Yes! Place your order online & select “pick up” in the checkout.
Remember to allow 24 hours & select the day you require pick up.

Do I order by weight or unit?

You will notice that each product states per kg or per each. Order accordingly.

eg: Leg of Lamb (per each) – we give a rough price online and this will be adjusted when we weigh your order
eg: Family Beef Pie (per each) – type how many individual pies you require (eg 1)

Why can’t I buy online everything that you have available at your shop?

It is in your best interests to visit us often at our shop premises
– 50 Belmore Rd, Lorn – to view our extensive product range. Also check out our social pages – Facebook, instagram & Google we are always adding new and exciting products .

We carry an  extensive range of  products not listed on our website – fish and chip shop  frozen  favourites, a wide range of  local cheeses , milk , bread ,condiments Honey, pickles, jams & sauces, which can all be added in the ”NOTES” section to purchase.
Unfortunately we cannot offer our entire variety of specialty products on
our website. If you have seen a product in store or on our  social media pages add these in the ”NOTES” section and payment can be made for these via EFTPOS or cash.
We specialise in a wide range of ready made meals which are constantly
changing and encourage you to inspect for yourself these wonderful delights!

I can’t see the cut of meat I’m looking for listed, can I still buy it with my online order?

Yes – Just give us a call and we’ll endeavour to help you!

Where does your meat come from?

Lorn Butchery  sells only 100% Australian beef, lamb, pork and poultry.
All beef is categorised as “young” and is purchased from local producers.

How much does delivery cost?

Delivery is free to all suburbs listed on our Delivery Schedule.

How soon will my delivery get here?

Your meat order will be delivered to you on your scheduled delivery day .

Unfortunately, we cannot stipulate an exact delivery time, due to the number
of orders to be processed and delivered. We will call you to give you an estimated time for delivery.

How soon can I place my order?

Your order must be placed 48 hours before you require delivery to your
suburb. Pick-up orders must be placed 24 hours in advance.

Can I get my delivery on a Sunday or on Public Holidays?

Lorn Butchery is closed on a Sunday and on all Public Holidays and will not process orders or deliver on these days.