The secret to a great lamb casserole, beef pot-roast or veal braise is simple, choose the right beef, veal or lamb cut and give it lots of time to slowly cook.

Tips for using a slow cooker

  • Taking the time to brown the beef before cooking intensifies the flavour of your dish. Brown the beef in small batches. Keep the pan at moderately-high heat, which helps the meat to brown evenly rather than stew or burn in the pan
  • For the best results, ensure the ingredients fill the slow cooker to at least half way as a minimum and to no more ¾ capacity as a maximum. If it is too full the meal won’t cook properly. If the slow cooker is not full enough, the dish may overcook.
  • Ensure the liquid doesn’t cover the food completely. This is because as the food steams during cooking and more liquid is produced.
  • The high setting on the slow cooker allows you to cook your dish for between 4 – 5 hours. Stir occasionally to ensure a good flavour distribution.
  • If you have more time, the low setting on a slow cooker allows you to cook your beef and lamb dish for between 8 – 10 hours. Little to no stirring is required.
  • Keep the lid on during cooking to maintain the temperature.

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